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Summit Business Consultants, Inc is a debt collection agency established in 1984. SBC, Inc charges no upfront fees for placing claims for collection. We will charge a flat commission rate only if we are able to collect money on the accounts you place for collection. 



Currently, we provide collection services to over 500 clients. Our collection and support staff are experienced, expertly trained and continuously educated in the sensitive areas of debt collection.    SBC, Inc.  believes that skip tracing is a natural part of the collection process  Debtors are considered a mobile group, and it is because of this fact, that SBC, Inc. places such a heavy emphasis on the art of skip tracing.



The SBC, Inc. report package is the end product of over 30 years of continuous development with input from our clients. The reports are designed to provide a complete monthly overview of all debtors in the collection system.   Reports include: Direct Collection Acknowledgement Report, Remittance Statement, Inventory/Status Report

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Summit Business Consultants, Inc

P.O. Box 7684, Delray Beach, FL 33482, US

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